Frequently Asked Questions about Memphis Tomorrow
What are the criteria for membership eligibility?
Memphis Tomorrow members are the top executives of local corporations and foundations that have over $200 million in annual revenue or over $100 million in assets, and who demonstrate strong community commitment and contribution.
How much does it cost?

Member dues are $50,000 per year.  As projects emerge that have costs beyond our annual budget, members make their own decisions about how much their individual companies will contribute.

Why was Memphis Tomorrow founded?

Memphis Tomorrow was formed to ensure the decision-makers for our largest companies are actively and collectively engaged with civic and government leaders to advance progress and help solve community challenges.

How do I apply for project funding from Memphis Tomorrow?
Memphis Tomorrow is not a grant-making foundation. We set our high impact priorities for moving Memphis ahead and fund only those initiatives developed through extensive planning with partner organizations.
How is Memphis Tomorrow different from the Greater Memphis Chamber and its Chairman's Circle?
MT, the Chamber and the Chairman’s Circle have in common that we are business leaders, but otherwise the organizations have very different missions and priorities.

The Chamber is the region’s largest business organization, representing the diverse interests of 1000+ member-businesses from mom-and-pop shops to business associations and large corporations.

The Chairman’s Circle is a group of 100+ c-suite business leaders working together to accomplish “moon missions” for which there is shared interest and whose member dues go in large part to support Chamber operations.

Memphis Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization whose 25-member board of directors is comprised of CEOs of some of Memphis’ largest companies and philanthropies.  Our purpose is to engage these leaders and the resources of their organizations in building a better future for all Memphians.

That said, all three organizations communicate regularly and support one another’s efforts.   MT considers Chamber to be a critical economic development partner and has made regular investments over the years in their work.  Additionally, all MT member companies are Chamber members and many MT companies also participate in the Chairman’s Circle.