The education and skill level of our people is the key determinant of our collective and individual economic success. Memphis Tomorrow therefore places a high priority on investments in the development of human capital – pre-natal through higher education. We also actively support the recruitment of new talent through initiatives that enhance the attractiveness of Memphis to educated populations and knowledge workers. The PeopleFirst! plan of Memphis Fast Forward is the roadmap for our work in this arena.


A diverse, vibrant industry base and high-wage jobs are key to economic prosperity. Memphis has secured a global leadership position in logistics, is growing as a major center for orthopedics and medical devices, and is reinvigorating its music/film/entertainment industry. Our dynamic economy will be driven by growth in these target industries and through expansion of our strong foundation of entrepreneurialism and innovation. The MemphisED plan of Memphis Fast Forward serves is the roadmap for our work in this arena.


Safe streets are fundamental to quality of life, and are a major factor influencing whether businesses and residents stay or leave Memphis. Today we know that fighting crime requires highly effective law enforcement and suppression strategies. Research also tells us that public safety depends on creative prevention and intervention. The Operation Safe Community plan of Memphis Fast Forward is the roadmap for our work in this arena.


Another key ingredients to Memphis' economic success is a government that provides good stewardship of tax dollars through strategic investments, efficient operations, and leadership that fosters public/private sector alignment in the vision and priorities for our community. Memphis Tomorrow strives to build that alignment, which is best represented in the collaboratively planned and led Memphis Fast Forward initiative.