About Us

Memphis Tomorrow is an association of CEOs of Memphis' largest businesses. Our purpose is to engage the highest-ranking officers, and the resources of their companies, in fostering prosperity and quality of life for all who live in our community..

The organization was founded in 2001 by Pitt Hyde, founder of AutoZone, and Dean Jernigan, founder of Storage USA. It operates through the direct participation of its CEOs, and typically plays a role of convener, long-range planner, and facilitator of solutions. The organization emphasizes action and results grounded in research and facts.

Our initiatives are focused in those areas which directly impact economic growth and opportunity, including: human capital development, industry development, and public safety.

Each CEO participates on a committee or task force in one of our focus areas, and is also a member of the board of directors. The committees build diverse coalitions and work closely with partner organizations to plan and implement solutions.

The important role of partner organizations in Memphis Tomorrow's work is difficult to overstate. Memphis Tomorrow engages their help in the planning stages of our work, and then supports them in implementing programmatic and operational solutions. Typically that support includes financial support, advocacy for a joint agenda, and strategic support through MT board members and staff who become members of the partner board of directors.